Slayman Cinema is an interior design firm that’s expanding and refining the whole idea of home theaters.

Our high-end private cinemas represent the ultimate in home entertainment... an elegant, highly personalized theater environment combined with state-of-the-art audio and video.

With a Slayman Cinema in your home you can host the hottest superbowl party in town, curl up with a weekend worth of romantic comedies, or even show the biggest summer blockbuster on the day of its release.


In every theater project there are design traditions, artistic considerations, and required elements that create the “bones” of the room.

Much of our work is inspired by the golden age of cinema, when going to the movies was delightfully romantic. Classic theaters from that era have guided the design and execution of many Slayman projects.

In a Slayman Cinema the shape of the room, the wall construction, material selection, seating, and of course speaker location, all work together to produce outstanding acoustic outcomes.

It’s this attention to detail that tames the audio anomalies of the room and controls the sound from bouncing around. So every whisper of dialog, every booming explosion, comes through precisely as the Hollywood engineers imagined.

At Slayman Cinema we team up with the best audio and video companies in the country to deliver a viewing - and listening - experience that’s superior to any new, commercial theater. Our understanding of technical requirement such as sound isolation issues, acoustics and AV equipment allows us to deliver perfect combination of beautiful design and perfect audio.

Finally, there are the finishing touches of interior design, such as seating, carpet, fabrics, furniture selection and intricate finish work.

Slayman Cinema will oversee the entire project, and pull together a team that delivers beautiful design and perfect audio - on time and according to plan.

Lisa Slayman, founder of Slayman Design Associates and Slayman Cinema, has been doing high-end residential and commercial interior design work in the Los Angeles area for more than 20 years. She’s worked on country clubs, corporate offices, restaurants, many notable residential projects, and even a sports arena.

Few interior designers can handle the complexity and detail of an elaborate, home cinema project. Lisa Slayman has embraced the challenge and established an envious reputation in her niche.

"Designing these theaters is not about selecting pretty fabrics and materials. It takes complex understanding of all the technical and mechanical systems along with providing the proper construction documents that integrate everything together."

- Lisa Slayman


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