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Case Study: Innovative Design and AV Unite to Solve Seating Dilemma

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

During the construction of this home theater, a soffit had been built for the projector to hide until showtime. But when plans changed and a more advanced and larger Barco projector was specified, Slayman Cinema and the AV integrators discovered that when the new projector lowered from the soffit into the theater, the home theater audience would have an unacceptable amount of headroom. To provide ample room for audience members to comfortably stand, as well as preserve the intricate custom-designed architectural details of the ceiling, a clever “reverse projector lift system” with a “mirror drop” mechanism from Display Technologies MMD was employed. This solution allows the projector to stay hidden in the soffit, completely out of the way of audience members, while exposing only a slim slice of mirror. Images are projected off the mirror onto a 12-foot screen at the front of the room, which Slayman framed with opulent draperies.

The innovative projection system was part of a major renovation of an entertainment area built originally in the 1980s that had once included a concession stand and lobby. The furnishings had grown outdated and the owners now craved more space for seating, as well as entire new decor. The lobby and concession areas were removed to provide space for more seats, and the entire room was gutted down to the concrete foundation. A new 668-square-foot structure was built, which integrates acoustical materials to minimize audio reverberation plus several high-performance speakers within the 2×4 stud bays.

Along with a refreshed design invoking Old Hollywood glamour, the ingenious application of cutting-edge AV transports theater-goers to completely new worlds of home entertainment.


  • Remodel of an existing home theater
  • Existing lobby removed to provide larger seating area
  • Walnut veneer millwork with traditional moldings
  • Silver leaf accents
  • Deep royal blue fabrics and colors throughout

Professionals Involved in the Project:

  • Theater Design: Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema
  • AV Integration: Cantara Design, Costa Mesa, CA
  • Acoustical Consultant: Steve Haas, SH Acoustics, Milford, CT

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