Home Theater Projects

At Slayman Cinema our goal is to create personalized home theater environments that exude elegance and sophistication and deliver an unforgettable entertainment experience. This commitment to excellence is reflected in each and every project we do.

Oceanfront Luxury Residence

We transformed an odd-shaped room into a stunning home theater space. The seating layout and three-dimensional ceiling reflect the modest curve of the back wall and draw attention to the large, immersive screen.

Design Influences: Contemporary, Modern, with a Hint of Art Deco


  • Radial, three-dimensional ceiling comprised of wood veneer beams with illuminated glass-panels
  • Silk, acoustically transparent fabric stretched on a track system hides the speakers and acoustical elements
  • Curved wall adds visual interest and mirrors the layout of custom-crafted leather seats
  • Wine cellar, spa/massage area, and game room accompanies the home theater area
  • Professionals Involved in the Project:

    Theater Design: Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema

    AV integration: Vision and Sound, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

    Acoustical consultant: Steve Haas, SH Acoustics, Milford, Conn.

    Seating: Fortress Seating

    Saudi Palace for Royal Family

    As part of a new palace built for one of the King’s sons, we designed this subterranean home theater to drip with opulence. Embellished in rich colors and fine finishes, and powered by state-of-the-art technology, the space is a sublime blend of classic and modern elements.

    Design influences:
    Old Hollywood glamour meets modern opulence


  • Separate lobby with concession stand and Art Deco marquee
  • Ebony Italian millwork
  • Illuminated Amethyst stones
  • Swarovski crystals woven into the wool and silk carpeting and tufted velvet of back wall
  • Fiber optic star ceiling
  • Professionals Involved in the Project:

    Theater Design: Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema

    Audio consultant: FTR International, Irvine, Calif.

    Acoustical consultant: JBA Consulting Engineers, Las Vegas, Nev.

    Seating: Cineak

    Historic Oceanfront Residence

    Built in 1930, this historic home was remodeled to include the addition of a period home theater. Designed as a throwback to 1930s Hollywood, but with cutting-edge AV, the new space delivers a pleasing blend of style and performance.

    Design Influences:
    1930s Hollywood glamour


  • Remodel of an existing home theater
  • Existing lobby removed to provide larger seating area
  • Walnut veneer millwork with traditional moldings
  • Silver leaf accents
  • Deep royal blue fabrics and colors throughout
  • Professionals Involved in the Project:

    Theater Design: Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema

    AV Integration: Cantara

    Acoustical Consultant: Steve Haas

    Lady Luck

    Honored as the Best Overall Theater by the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) in 2012, this exquisite home theater is the epitome of beauty and brawn. Colors, textures, fabrics, and finishes all work together to evoke a sense of sophistication, while a stellar system of top-notch AV gear creates movie magic for as many as 45 guests.

    Design Influences:
    Golden age of cinema


  • Damask fabric in rich hues with Swarovski crystal inlays
  • Includes a lobby, balcony, and main auditorium
  • Seats as many as 45 people
  • 18-foot-wide screen
  • 3D projection system
  • 8,400 watts of audio power
  • Full-motion movie posters
  • Professionals Involved in the Project:

    Theater Design:Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema

    AV Integration: Cantara Design

    Acoustical consultant: Sam Cavitt, Paradise Theater

    Seating: Custom designed by Slayman Cinema and made by Fortress Seating

    Mandeville Canyon Theater

    We didn’t let a 30-feet steel beam on the ceiling or the asymmetrical shape of the room stand in our way from designing a breathtaking home theater. Instead, we fashioned these obstacles into unique design elements, creating a spectacular, one-of-a-kind ceiling that serves as the room’s focal point.

    Design Influences:
    17th century Spanish, Moorish gothic


  • Custom Mudejar ceiling with back-lit leaded glass, 150 hand-painted panels and back-lit leaded glass
  • Arches on back and side walls framed in wrought iron and hide 28 speakers behind woven horse hair fabric
  • Custom, hand-woven carpet
  • Dolby Atmos audio system
  • Digital Cinema, 4K DLP video projection system
  • 16-foot-wide screen with automated masking
  • Professionals Involved in the Project:

    Theater Design: Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema

    AV Integration: Bradford Wells & Associates, Beverly Hills, Calif.

    Acoustical consultant: Tony Grimani, MSR Acoustics, Novato, Calif.

    Seating: Cineak

    Contractor: Paldino Architects & Construction, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

    2017 International CEDIA Award Finalist

    Shady Canyon Theater

    Built in 1928, the Byrd Theater in Shady Canyon served as the inspiration for the design of this 8-seat theater. Slayman Cinema accented the space with a custom oval ceiling motif, carved moldings, and walnut millwork with gold leaf accents.

    Design Influences:
    French Empire


  • Intricate oval ceiling motif with walnut millwork and gold leaf accents
  • Czechoslovakian crystal chandelier
  • 110-inch screen
  • High-caliber surround-sound system
  • Professionals Involved in the Project:

    Theater Design: Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema

    AV Integration: Cantara Design

    Seating: FORTRESS

    Seaside Estate

    Gathering inspiration from the owner’s fond childhood memories, we helped turn a subterranean space into a replica of a street in Charleston, West Virginia. Leading to the Art Deco-inspired cinema are a café, jewelry store, automobile showroom, and bowling alley.

    Design Influences:
    Art Deco


  • Replicated street of owner’s hometown leads to theater entrance
  • Interior design of jewelry store, bowling alley, café, automobile showroom, and his and hers powder rooms reflect the design inspiration
  • Exotic wood veneers
  • Period stained glass
  • Custom blue and gold carpeting
  • Professionals Involved in the Project:

    Theater Design: Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema

    Theater Design and Architecture: Theo Kalomirakis, TK Theaters, Long Island City, NY

    AV Integration: Audio Visions